Monday, April 27, 2015

ORC- Week 4, The Great Art Debate.

I know I'm sooo late in posting this week's ORC updates and forget about mentioning last week's where I didn't post a thing!! We've had a lot of family in town and I was just lazy busy and never got around to it. I have purchased some stools for around the table (which I'm still trying to figure out what to do with) in a red/coral color. I found them on clearance at Hobby Lobby and had to drive around visiting and calling multiple stores to find 4 of them.

I'm currently debating art work for the large wall in the room. The thing is, this wall is the first thing you see when you walk in to our home as it's across from the front door. I love seeing these gigantic pictures of the beach or water and have some pictures I took from our vacation last summer in Seaside that would be perfect blown up to get this same look...

This Is Happening: Oversized Statement Art via @domainehome. We love this super-sized print above the entryway bench!

Studio McGee_Coastal Retreat 25.jpg

Amy Meier Design - Interior decorator design portfolio

But I'm afraid it may be too modern looking for our home so I haven't ordered an large prints of our photos yet. Another option is some word art like this below. Just one large piece with a saying on it...

Christmas 2014 Home Tour - Life On Virginia Street - Entryway Doxology Canvas

Or a simple pattern on a large scale blown up...

Miller Vestibule 8.jpg

Or forget the whole one large scale piece and go with a gallery wall like this...


The dining room is right across from this room and the wall in questions continues into there (there is a cut out to enter into the kitchen and the rest of our home) and my main reason for the great art debate is how both sides of the wall should interact with each other... should the art on either side be symmetrical, or all their own design? Why is it so hard for us to decorate our own home but so easy to go into any other home and have ideas right away??? Does anyone else have this issue??

Which art direction do you think I should go with? What would you go with if it were your home?? Maybe I'll make up my mind by Thursday and let you know in that post!


(first 4 photos can be found on my Pinterest page- and last two are from Studio McGee)

Thursday, April 9, 2015

One Room Challenge: Office/ Craft Room- week 2

Welcome to week 2 of my One Room Challenge as I transform our computer/ craft room. This past week I tackled our bookshelves. If you remember from the first week here, I planned to re-paint them a creamy white (Dove White by Valspar), and then line the back with a fun fabric or paper or whatever I found that caught my attention. Here is the inspiration pictures I shared before (from my Pinterest page).

Did you know you don't always have to use fabric from a bolt of fabric in a fabric store? Yep it's true! Think outside of the fabric store and you might get a really good deal, nothing is off limits... rugs, curtains, shower curtains, table cloths, and anything else you can think of that is made of fabric. It's function doesn't have to stay the way it was when you bought it! I browsed our local Target who had just about every shower curtain on clearance. I picked out this curtain for less than $14. If you do the math, that's more than 1 yard for less than $7 each! It was the perfect color and I'm not quite over the trellis or ikat craze (which this curtain has both).

Once my bookshelves were painted, I ironed the curtain to get all of the packaging folds out. 

From here, there are a couple of different ways you can do this. You can either wrap the fabric around the backing of your bookshelf (if you have one), or you can just tac it on to the main piece like I did. I laid the  unit face down and laid the curtain on top. I used hot glue on the top end first to help hold it in place, and then the bottom, and lastly the sides, making sure I pulled tightly so I didn't end up with wrinkles or loose fabric. 

** HINT: If your backing goes on with screws like mine, make sure you don't put any hot glue on the holes, otherwise you may find it harder to screw the screws back in.
Also if you are using a patterned fabric, make sure you center the pattern before you begin adhering it to your piece, unless you don't care if it may look a bit crooked or uneven. 

Once all sides are glued on, trim your fabric so it lines up with the edge of the bookshelves ( I had a picture but my computer decided it didn't like it and kicked it to the curb). Lastly, screw your screws back in, stand it up, and admire the fresh new look you just gave it for under $15!

(those are a couple of my super cute nephews in case you're wondering)

I'll share the full reveal on week 6... stay tuned!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

office/ craft room plan

Have you heard of the One Room Challenge Linda over at Calling it Home Blog created? You can hop on over to read more about it but you basically pick a room (one of yours or a client's), and you have 6 weeks to bring it from start to finish. Every Thursday there will be a post by each blogger participating in the challenge about what they have accomplished in the room and any plans they have for the room.

I figured this is the perfect chance to get at least one of the rooms on my to do list finished, or at least looking less like it does now and more like what I want it to look like in my head. I debated between our office/ craft room and the guest/dressing/play/tv room we have (it has many uses), but decided to go with the office/craft room since I have a better idea of what I want it to look like and it's one of the first rooms guests see when they walk in.

Here are the before pictures, don't worry I didn't sugar coat it so you see the full effect of just how disorganized it is at the moment. I think this is the worst it's ever looked but in my defense, it was the end of spring break in our home and I was already beginning to re-paint our bookcases when I took these. Total chaos I tell you!

The bigger mess, the bigger the end reveal right? That's what I'm telling myself as I'm showing you these! Here are some of my all time favorite rooms I thought of immediately as I came up with the idea board for the room (all images can be found on my pinterest page with links).

office organization...

To-die-for big, generous project table, backed with built-ins. Handsome creative space.

shelf styling

GEORGICA POND: Designer Admirer - Marika Meyer

Patina Style

Below is the game plan. Unfortunately I'm not repainting. We are renting and all of the walls were repainted just before we moved in by the owner. While I would never have picked this color out myself, it is a huge difference from the house we came from which had swine and ocean blue colored walls! Anyway back to the plan... The desk is staying, we just bought that a few months ago and I love the warm wood color. The bookcases as you can see have already started their transformation and are going white. I plan to add something fun to the back of them. I would love to add a round pedestal table to the middle of the room for our arts and crafts projects and family game time however I may need to use what we have already if I can't find a cheap one to refinish. I really think ours is too big for the space in addition to the desk but we'll see. The chairs we use now around the table are falling apart so I'd like to find some counter height stools to use instead. I think they'll be easier for the kids to use. I'm thinking a kelly green metal but am not dismissing a tangerine orange either. The computer chair really needs to be changed out also. Hubby hates the current one, so I'm thinking an upholstered parsons/slip chair will work best. I can't decide if I want a linen or leather. Leather may be winning out a bit because it's easier to clean... The light/fan above the table needs addressing too so I'll give it a little face-lift that is easily removable when we move. Curtains need to be added to every room in our home. I have some oatmeal linen curtains I'll probably use in here and add a bit of trim to help spruce them up a bit. On the large wall across from the window, I'm not sure if I want to have the boys paint some large canvases, or have large black and white canvases made of each of their photos.

office/ craft room plan

office/ craft room plan by winderandmain featuring black shades

So there you have it, my plan for the One Room Challenge. Check back every Thursday for an update on how it's going. Maybe you can help hold me to my plan! Either way anything will look better than where it is now, right??!!??

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Woven Baskets Anonymous.

When it comes to decorating, one of my weaknesses is woven baskets. I can never have enough! Lucky for me they are not only pretty but functional too, can anyone ever have too much storage? I love the texture and warmth they bring to a room. As far as I'm concerned a room is not done until there is a basket in it!

There are so many uses for baskets. Here are some of my favorites around my home and what I use them for.

In the dining room I have a large woven tray in the center of our table to hold a few pretty pieces. (it use to live on our ottoman until the baby thought it would be fun to keep pulling off and onto the floor):

This is one of my newest additions and lives on top of our dresser in the bedroom, it holds all of my hubby's game accessories. It not only adds some interest to our dresser but helps keep things I'd rather not be out, hidden:

This little tray lives on my nightstand and holds a few small things to help keep my side of the bed a bit neater looking:

Here is where I keep my magazines. It also brings in some visual interest against the side of our white sofa:

This little one was a recent thrift store find. It fits perfectly on our hutch and holds some of our bowls and mugs:

In the guest bathroom, we use this cute little basket for a wastebasket. I love the dyed blue stripes on it and the handles:

In the baby's room I have loads of baskets for storage solutions. These two hold some of his toys and stuffed animals. I love the contrast between their colors (even though technically the light one is knit rather than woven):

A pair of these live in his room too and they hold diaper changing items. It's the perfect size for all of our reusable diapers in one and wipes and disposable diapers in the other:

Wondering the best places to shop for baskets and how much you should pay for them? My favorite places to look are Marshall's, Home Goods, Tj Maxx, Ross, and Target for the best deals. I often find them on clearance in these stores for less than $10 but even at regular price they won't cost you over $20 unless you get giant ones in which I've seen them up to $50 but I'm talking HUGE! Thrift stores are a great place too where you can find them for around $1 or even less.

I was curious to see just how many woven baskets we have in our home, care to guess? Hubby first guessed 12 and by my reaction he changed to 22 (obviously he doesn't look around too much), the magic number is 36. And those aren't counting the ones in the garage lost in the mess we have out there or the baskets that are not woven.

So next time you're looking for more storage options, try looking at using baskets. They'll not only add more storage to your space but bring in texture and warmth as well.

*Meg (aka basket hoarder)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Client Reveal: The Morrow Residence

Just before last summer, I began helping a friend/client with her home. She has great style on her own but needed help cleaning it up and pulling it all together. She'd been leaning toward the nautical side for some time so that was our inspiration.

This is what you  see when you first enter their home.

Here you can see how the rooms are situated with each other, as well as a quick glimpse into the family room.

The dining area has to be my favorite. The plates on the wall are the plates they received for their wedding and were sitting in the back of a cupboard never being used. Now they are the focal point of this area and can be enjoyed every day.

We went with a simple no fuss vignette on the buffet so we didn't take away from the main attraction. The crisp white, navy, and coral piece help bring that nod of nautical to this area without screaming "AHOY".

Her bookcase turned "hutch" displays more wedding dishes and other white dishes she didn't use too often, as well as a couple more pieces of coral and woven baskets for hidden storage.

And now onto the family room. We added more navy accents with the pillows as well as some cream colored ones to help lighten up the sectional. The lamps and ottoman tray continue the woven texture onto this side of the home. In the future a big, sisal or jute rug would be perfect in here.

More coral on the ottoman and tv console continue.

As in most homes, the husband wants a large tv and the wife could do without. To help the tv not be the focal point of the room, we created a gallery wall of family pictures around the tv following the ceiling lines. Although the frames are mismatched, we went with all black minus a few small ones she painted brass to help tie in a few other brass pieces throughout their space. This helps them look more like a coordinated group rather than chaos on the wall.

We're currently working on the master bedroom and kitchen so I'll be sure to share pictures of those spaces when they are done. 

The DIY post for the porthole inspired mirror in the entry way can be found HERE.

If you'd like to work on your home with me, please email me at for design service options.