Monday, April 14, 2014

Evan's faux zinc dresser.

The other day I shared our new little guy's nursery with you and said I would write more about the dresser that was in the reveal. I LOVE this dresser and how it turned out!

I ventured to the thrift store in hopes to find an old dresser with details and in good condition and of course a great price that I could re-do for the nursery. In the first store I went in to I found this... the price? $30! It wasn't in great condition but all the drawers worked, there wasn't much damage to it and it was the perfect size. The only thing wrong with it is there was a small piece of the veneer missing from one of the top back corners. I really could have left it alone as no one would have seen it once it was styled with accessories, however I never leave well enough alone.

I decided I would try to peel/scrape the veneer off and ended up stuck with this! At this point I began to freak out, mind you I was 7 months pregnant and very emotional at this time. If you follow me on instagram you may recall me outburst for help. I ended up on Pinterest to see if there were any tricks to getting this stuff off and that's where my saving grace came! I read another DIY that had this same issue and what they did was place wet towels on the veneer and let it sit for an hour or 2, I let mine sit all night, and then peeled/scraped it off. The moistness from the towel loosens the glue so it comes off like butter, most of it anyway. I had to "soak" some areas that were really stuck but it eventually came all the way clean!

 I had seen a few zinc finished dressers floating around and decided I would go that route {after trying out a few different colors and not liking them}. I first painted my dresser a medium/dark grey I had laying around {that I made into chalk paint}, then used some clear and dark wax, silver craft paint, a brush, and a rag to get the effect I wanted.

First drop some silver paint on the piece {don't put too much on at once because it tends to "stain" where you dropped it if you're not fast enough to work it in}.

Then get some clear wax on your brush.

And dab the silver spots all over so it looks like this.

Then I brushed it around to get this effect.

And kept adding more clear wax to smooth it all out so it looked like this.

Because I wanted more even splotches of the light color, I put a little silver onto my rag and with a circular motion added it to some areas like this.

This step gives it more of that zinc finish I think. This picture shows this step having been done on the left side of this drawer but not the right side yet.

Then I tried some dark wax on one drawer and decided I liked it {top is with dark wax, bottom is with only the steps above}.

I did the same thing here as above pretty much. Just dabbed some dark wax in areas {using the same brush}, and then with the same rag going in a circular motion, rubbed it in. If you happen to use too much dark wax, just rub some clear over it and it helps to spread it out a bit and make it not look so strong.

Here is the drawer above after it's been blended.

And here's the finished dresser and some detail shots.

I choose to use the original hardware, mainly because I was too tired and lazy to look for anything else, and because I thought it looked ok with the new finish. I may eventually change it out. I love how it's a style he can grow with and even when he hits the teenage years it will still work {but we're not going to think about that day right now!}

Any fun new finishes you've experimented with lately and love how it turned out? Do tell!!!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Evan's nursery

I'm such a bad blogger I know. But hopefully I can get back into a normal blogging routine again as we settle into our new life with another little one. The nursery isn't 100% done but it's about 90%. If this were our house the blue carpet would have been long gone in a heartbeat but as renters we can't do that. We did paint and added a feature wall with some contrast behind the crib. I made the bumper after seeing this post from Katie and knowing that was exactly what I had in mind for my new little man. The dresser is a refinished piece picked up at a thrift store {I'll have more on that in a later post}. The "mobile" was also handmade, and the curtains were given some trim banding to go with the cribbing.

The currently blank canvas will hold his monogram once I get around to making it and tacking it up on to it.



This little musical bear has now hung on all 4 of the boys' cribs. I'm hoping it will be around for grand kids to enjoy one day too...




The art in the gold frame was found at HomeGoods and reminds me of the lake downtown and all of the swans and ducks that live in it. It's one of our favorite places to hang out. We used to live a block away from it and my in laws still do. The next 2 pieces were finds from thrift stores years ago. And the large fish piece is a sheet of Cavallini gift paper that I framed.

These are the favorites of all of our books... you may be able to tell by how abused loved they look.

The rocking chair used to be my great grandmother's, then my grandmother's, and now mine. I'm so happy to have this piece to rock my babies in. {still deciding to refinish and how, and I need a cushion}.

And here's our little man. Evan Ashley, born March 1, 2014. We are so in love we can't stand it! So far he doesn't seem to mind the craziness that goes on in our household and life, which is good because it's a whole lot of craziness over here!!

Be back soon... I hope!!!


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My 2013 Christmas Wishlists.

Per my mom's request who says it is too hard to buy presents for me, I've created a few wishlists. This year we are doing something new with the kids for gifts. A few years ago I first heard of a tradition I'm sure you've heard of already... "something you want. something you need, something to wear, something to read". It basically limits gifts to 4 per child/person whoever you're giving the gifts too, but we're hoping this will help our kids be a bit more grateful of the gifts they receive this year. It seems as though every year there is really only 1 or 2 gifts they truly want and everything else they want just because. And we tend to buy them things just to have more things for them to open on the BIG day. This year we are taking this simpler route. We'll also throw in a 5th gift that is from Santa as well as little gifts in their stockings that Santa brought, so they don't think Santa completely forgot about them... After all we do have an elf spy going back and forth each night giving Santa updates on them. And a bonus to this idea, less toys mean a less mess to pick up at the end of the day since all of our toys tend to have to come out of their baskets and be scattered throughout the house!

So anyway I decided to make my wishlists in this same fashion. I picked out a few things in each category...


"something i want"

I love Blue and White pottery, my collection is pretty sad so a few more pieces {whether old or new} would be a great addition to it. Our Ross has a storage ottoman that I've been wanting for about a year now. It looks similar to the one on the board but has antiqued brass nail head trim to it and opens up for storage. I want it to go at the foot of our bed. I have always loved Pottery Barn's Vintage Pewter collection. I have the non slotted scoop but would love other pieces, the salt and pepper shakers are adorable as are the napkin rings. I would love another dutch oven in either copper or just a white/cream. TJMaxx and Marshalls is a great place to buy copper cookware at a great price. We just ordered a cannon rebel and I have been told that I should get the 50mm lens because it takes amazing pictures. I love Target's brass bar cart, not that I drink but I think it adds a fun element to a dining room, plus it offers extra storage which you can never have enough of! Also at Target is a set of 3 starburst mirrors that I have been coveting. And last we have had a breakfast bar at all of our homes for the past almost 9 years and I have yet to invest in any bar stools.  I love the look of the Tolix ones and Target as well as has packages of 2 for a great price and since we would need at least 4 for our family the 2 pack makes it easier, of course in the metal finish.


"something I need"

This area could be a little tricky but here is what I came up with... You can never have enough casserole dishes. I often discover just 2 in our home will not cut it. White will go with anything and any holiday, it's a safe color for dishes. I really could use some more wooden spoons. I like using them when I cook and I only have 2 at the moment. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this next one but I really need new dish towels. I should make it a rule to replace them every 6 months or at least every year. I've had mine forever and you can tell. My current wallet is starting to fall apart. I can't decide if I want a medium leather brown one similar to the color of my purse or go for fun with a neutral polka dotted one. Brand names aren't important to me although I do like Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade. I can never have enough baskets, I'm always needing more to store things, have always loved this one from Target. And pillows. We could use quite a few new bed pillows. I like Target's. {can you tell i"m a Target fan?}


"something to wear"

This category for me is a bit tricky at the moment considering I'm temporarily not my usual size. Regular clothes don't fit me and with only 2 months left of being pregnant after Christmas buying maternity clothes wouldn't be the smartest choice. However I love neutral bobbly jewelery that I can use to dress up my t-shirt and jeans. Even though this shirt from JCrew wouldn't fit me now, I love stripes and boat necks, so this equals love for me. I would love some high gloss red Hunter rain boots. Not that I live up north where they are really needed, I think they are fun and we get loads of rain down here during hurricane season. My leather boots that I loved somehow got ruined. I think some little munchkin spilled something on them and they are now stained and not so pretty. These from Nine West sound to be comfortable and I like the look of them, not too casual and not too dressy.


"something to read"

Not that I'm going to have much time on my hands after baby gets here but I do love having books whether to read or set out as coffee table look books. I'm not a fan of "serious" books. My favorite author Sophie Kinsella has 2 books out that I currently do not have in my collection. Even though I'm in the middle of reading 3 other books, i can always make room for more of hers. Ralph Lauren's A perfectly Kept Home sounds fun to look through and I love his style. The Perfectly Imperfect Home has been a book I've been wanting for a while, as well as The Great American House. And those last 3 would look great sitting in my coffee table top basket.

So there you go {mom}. Some of the things I wouldn't mind finding under the tree Christmas morning. Hopefully some of these things will give you ideas for gift giving this year. Have any of you adopted the 4 gifts idea? Any tips or advice about it? We haven't prepped the kids yet but we'll be working on it. I don't think they'll be too upset, especially if they get the one thing they have been asking for all year!

Happy Holiday shopping!

xoxo Meg